Greetings Buffalo Public School (BPS) Families and Community Members, 

Five by 2025. It is much more than a catchphrase; it is the foundation that the Buffalo Public Schools are built upon. As a result, it is a special time to be part of the Buffalo Public Schools. 

Welcome to those who are new to our inclusive school community, where every student has access to the resources, supports, and tools they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. If you are already a member of our Buffalo Public Schools community, welcome back!

As your School Superintendent, I am excited to work with all of our parents, caregivers, students, staff, and the Board of Education as we come together to make sure that every student attending a Buffalo public school has access to high-quality instruction that takes into account their cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

As we can all attest, the last few school years have brought with them both familiar and unfamiliar challenges, but the Buffalo Public Schools, together with its students, parents, teachers, and staff, have emerged with One Voice. One Mission. One Vision. It is a testament to the dedication and resilience of our entire the Buffalo Public Schools community.

To achieve our goal of Five by 2025, together with the Board of Education, our main objective is to make sure that all of our students and staff are safe, and that they get the most from the instruction they receive in the classroom. The importance of having our students and staff at our schools every day was undoubtedly reinforced by the pandemic.  

As we get ready to begin a new academic year, the new school year promises to bring with it a renewed focus and new energy. Together, we will use our Five by 2025 strategy to:

  • Place a high premium of safety and wellness, including anti-bullying. 

  • Advance a curriculum that engages students in schoolwork that is meaningful and rigorous.

  • Maintaining a diverse staff in our schools and District through recruitment, orientation, and development.

  • Actively engage families and the community to improve student learning and growth.


Please be sure to watch our Wednesdays with Williams episodes each Wednesday on the District’s website, Facebook page or Twitter as we spotlight positive developments in our Buffalo Public Schools.

I’d also encourage everyone to visit our easy-to-use website or to download the District’s new free app from either the Apple or Google play stores to stay on top of what is happening throughout the District and to take advance of the many educational opportunities we offer. 

Finally, as the Superintendent of this great school district and on behalf of the Buffalo Board of Education, I want to personally thank our parents, caregivers, teachers, building leaders, and all school staff for continuing to support our students throughout their time in school. Working together, our students are achieving academic success and learning lessons that will last them a lifetime.

Best Regards,

Dr. Tonja M. Williams 

Superintendent of Schools